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Third death in three weeks at Grand Canyon National Park

People are falling over the rim while taking selfies. Natural selection at work.

I don't know how she could keep a straight face with this basic common sense:

"A spokeswoman for the park told NBC News on Thursday that the National Park Service encourages visitors to stay on marked trails and keep a safe distance from the edge."


LiterateHiker 9 Apr 5

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I feel bad for them. Yes, they were stupid but what an unfortunate way to die. For something as ridiculous as a selfie.


There’s no cure for stupid.


All Trump 's fault!

zesty Level 7 Apr 5, 2019

Well if he'd just built his wall there the illegal immigrants couldn't have pushed them over the edge.


Maybe it's the windmills...


yeah, your right. wonder I'd they bleeped her saying DUH!


Stupidity should be fatal.


Stupidity is often fatal.


@LiterateHiker Guilty, but lucky.


The first time I visited, Grand Canyon was filled with fog. All I could see was the railing. So, I wandered into the gift shop.

The wind picked up while I was in the gift shop. Walked back outside.

I stood transfixed, as wind scooped layers of fog out of the Grand Canyon, gradually revealing its colors and grandeur from the top down. Thirty minutes later, it was clear to the bottom.

An incredible introduction to the Grand Canyon. Will never forget it.

Since then, I backpacked from the rim to the bottom twice. Too crowded. I was worried burros would push me off the narrow trail.


I was there once and a teen girl was sitting with her legs dangling over the edge.


I've been there several times. Once I was on a look out point and suddenly a tour group of Chinese people came to where I was standing, shoulder to shoulder. Scared me. They moved around in packs as close to each other as they can get. I was sure they would start pushing to get a better picture of below, and I would tumble over. These people had no regard of my personal space as I was enjoying the view.


Years ago we saw a family, 2 kids, toddlers. And they were about 6 feet from the edge with the parents not watching them. Said something to the parents and just got dirty looks. O well.


LOL @ natural selection at work. ?

The longer I'm alive, the more I question how common common sense is. smh


Had to look up "smh." I speak English, not Acronym.

pushing against the tide

@LiterateHiker LOL! I will admit, I'm a little more Millennialized than that. My Mother schooled me on acronyms. And text-speak. I was illiterate by modern standards. ?

@LiterateHiker what does it mean?


Urban Dictionary:


meaning, "shaking my head", smh is typically used when something is obvious, plain old stupid, or disappointment.

You don't know what smh means? smh

by clairekennedy04 March 26, 2017

@LiterateHiker Nope. (while shaking my head at self)


Acronyms are super irritating.


I am tired of looking up acronyms to understand someone's writing.

Be clear.


I agree 100%.

With the exception of a few that are as mainstream as "MIA" (TMI, for example is very common), I find them inconsiderate to the reader.


Stupid people, doing stupid things.
They are not dying off fast enough.

If they died faster, it might solve the over population problem we have on this planet.

@freedom41 Precisely what I'm hoping for.

You always crack me up!


I agree with natural selection statement. In this case it would be natural stupidity. That damn cell phone won't save you from falling into the Grand Canyon.

no, but it would be on the camera to print into large sign as a warning


Yes I agree it's natural selection at work the problem is they probably already reproduced. And I believe stupidity is inherited ?

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