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LINK Politician Gives INSANE Prayer - YouTube

You don't need to be a TYT fan to find this insanity worth the watch. It's cringeworthy, troubling & hilarious at the same time.

SeaGreenEyez 8 Apr 8

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I challenged our city council’s practice of having a Christian prayer prior to meetings and now they have a moment of silence and reflection. When I challenged it, I wrote that I get that they need all the help they can get but that is not acceptable!


at seagreeneyez-understood. My initial comment was more about the act of praying as insane, so what does it mean to label one prayer as normal or OK or acceptable and another as insane within an insane behavior practice?


I love when people say I'm a christian, or a true christian, as if that automatically confers a kind of default idea that means moral, kind, empathetic, not racist, etc. on and on. All I can think of is that the history of christian behavior is nothing like that. Just read the bible. A bath of blood as the christian trip over each other forcing their idea of christianity on the neighboring tribe. Examples are legion. We sing the star spangled Banner, written by a white Supremacist slave owner and trot black singers, surely descended from slaves, out to sing it at our festivals. Seriously, why would any black singer who knew the history, do that? Why do we as a people do that? There's more, but I'll finish ranting.


Can you name a prayer that isn't insane. LIke Lewis Black, says, I can't be kind about this. As Lewis says they are fxxck nuts crazy!.

I think the TYT staff adequately explained how these opening prayers usually go. This certainly was nothing short of, "When's she gonna break out the hand-laying & tongue-talking?" I'm no fan of prayer but I can't say I've witnessed too many that are "insane."


Fucking evangelical cunt who does she think she is

That was some holy-roller shit happening in a State House. WTF! Separation is clearly a dead concept in America.


Fucking Kkkristian Taliban wench!

I'm confused. Taliban?? Are you opposed to this batshit crazy Christian woman praying or the Muslim elected to the Pennsylvania House, that was the intended target of that display/prayer? ???

@SeaGreenEyez Kristian fundamentals are Amerikan Taliban/IsIs..

@Charlene OhhhhhhhKay!!!! I learned something today! Hadn't made the connection. ???

@SeaGreenEyez happy to clarify for you..maybe I should edit my post to..yup gonna do so!

@Charlene Hahaha! I need help ... all too often. ?

@SeaGreenEyez Maybe it's time to start a card collection with all the top name morons picture on them. Like baseball cards..

@Charlene You design them, I'll print & distribute.




ALL religions should stay in the bathroom as the believers take a shit!

zesty Level 7 Apr 8, 2019

l saw this, these people are NUCKING FUTS

nogod Level 7 Apr 8, 2019
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