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LINK Judge blocks county ban on unvaccinated minors in public - JURIST - News - Legal News & Commentary

Saw this coming. No "ban" of this nature is going to be upheld in our Federal Courts.

SeaGreenEyez 9 Apr 8

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Anti-vax arseholes are starting to pop up in this country too, almost all of them when asked why they don't want their kids protected tell doctors (so it is reported) that they "Read something on the internet"
Maybe this is natures way of fighting back the poor little so and sos will either die or grow up vowing they won't put their kids through it.
We have emergency laws in place in this country to prevent fuckwit Jehovah's Witness's and Christian scientist killing their kids for religious reasons, hopefully it will be extended to anti-vax stupidity.

I'm wondering if you're aware that those laws, protecting children, aren't? In 1972 all States passed "Religious Exemption" laws. Being from the nation's worst state for child protection, you know insanity exists when parents are exempt from prosecution for manslaughter, willful neglect, murder, based upon "Religous Exemption" in order to receive Federal monies. Today, there are 12 States that exempt for manslaughter, willful neglect, negligent homicide and Capital Murder. There are only 6 States that don't have a Religious Exemption.

This link shows State by State just how disgustingly religious & batshit crazy America is.


@SeaGreenEyez Makes me slightly more grateful to have accidentally been born British




There are ignorant hillbillies everywhere, even in blue states.

Oh there are plenty of leftist anti-vaxxers.

@altschmerz I am talking about the judge. Folks on the far left can be just as ignorant as the ones on the far right.


Un-vaccinated children should not be allowed in daycares or schools.


Fuck that bullshit, since they have to be in school keep them away from the others..


So the unvaccinated should have the right to infect others?

zesty Level 7 Apr 8, 2019

What is the alternative? The unvaccinated are to have restricted movement?
Be careful what you wish for.

@powder Yes. Vaccinate all the kids! Religious problems - walk with your stupid God, not with my kids!

@zesty there will come a day when a seasonal VAX for adults will be forced on all if this law passed, which is why the judge rejected it.
Religion forces kids to comply. Now you want it state sanctioned.
To up vaccination rates try incentives rather than sticks.

@powder if you have an issue with vaccines..keep your rugrats at home and living in plastic bubbles.
Having witnessed the horrors of polio, measles and whooping cough, I don't have a problem with State or Nationally mandated vaccinations for all children.

@powder The same way as sometimes isolation is necessary for infectious patients, the society should be able to protect itself. Anyway, all religious nuts should live far away, on a distant island.

@Charlene, @zesty good to see you support socialist policy. To enforce this policy you choose the stick as the best method; fines and exclusions. I prefer the carrot; payments/ free and education.
But we are on the same page with the same goal, just different methodology.

@powder Isolation of infectious patients is a thousands of years old method. Has nothing to do with socialism.

@zesty one group being targeted and asked to conform for the common good? Sounds pretty socialist to me.

@powder Socialism is when the owner of the means of production is the government. Simple.

@zesty that be communism. Private capitalist enterprise is common in socialist societies. As is land ownership.

@powder Absolutely not. In communism there is no money, everybody works as much as he can and takes as much as he needs. Please learn the definitions! In a socialist society there is no private capitalist enterprise and the land belongs to the society. What are you talking about?

@powder vaccines Are free..

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