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LINK Louisiana church fires: Law enforcement official's son taken into custody, reports say

His father is a Sheriff. Could this be a simple case of a young mind gone wrong or did his father turn him in to protect a larger organization? Y'all know who I'm referring to.

IAJO163 8 Apr 11

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The father could just be a "good" man.... My grandfather was a sherriff who resigned in shame .... when my father was 16 he murdered a man and took his stuff. People begged my grandpa not to, told him it wasn't "his" shame but he felt that he had let his family and his community down so he quit. Black, white or grey.... you can never tell what a person's true motives are....even if they tell you what they are.


Oh look was white in front of them the whole time.. but they are blaming heavy metal music in some articles.

The love and association with metal came from something that happened early on in his life. It was something that he agreed with.


Its Louisiana, so I have to say, I am not surprised. What surprises me is that he was even arrested. Lets wait and see if there is any sort of a meaningful conviction. If there is I will really be surprised.

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