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LINK Trump vows that The New York Times ‘will be gone’ in six years

Isn't this what dictators do? (That's rhetorical.)

SeaGreenEyez 9 Apr 13

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"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion or The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion is a fabricated antisemitic text purporting to describe a Jewish plan for global domination."
It is a notorious piece of antisemitism.
It purports to lay out a plan for global domination and a "how to" of seizing power concocted for Jewish domination.

Now laying aside all the fucking anti semitic filth contained therein the plan for domination of a state is Machiavellian in nature and is a perfectly sound if utterly immoral political strategy, one that can been seen in action in Trumps administration since 2016.
Undermine the media, destroy public trust in non government sources of information, drive out dissenting voices in your own administration by practice constructive dismissal on others until you can replace them with your own people who are "willing to step up and do their patriotic duty" when others will not.
Have your own popular media catering to the base instincts of the masses and set up a public bogeymen for purpose of a perceived threat to the status quo, then use the fear generated to alter the status quo "temporarily" for the greater good.
Say nothing that your base will disagree with and amuse them with "jokes" that carry a strong message of prejudice and hate.
In the time to come we can expect a crisis to be instigated that will require a suspension of the constitution, the closing of media news outlets, mass censorship of those remaining, troops on the street for public safety and an end to elections until the danger is past.

Horrifying, but all too possible. As time has passed, people have become sooooooo obsessed with his day to day follies, that they're completely oblivious to what is happening behind the scenes. The White House Press Conferences stopped, not many noticed, the Mueller Report was craftily insignificant (all those Mueller fans ... sigh he did exactly what any good "law man" "patriot" Republican would do ... nooooothing) and now the border. Smoke screening so no one wonders just exactly what Ja-vanka is doing. Everyone around him are running his agenda and more importantly,
their own agendas. Truly frightening. (I do believe martial law is coming. We haven't been far from it in a long while. Ferguson, MO. (It started way before the Michael Brown murder, but that event made it public information. It's a short step from police state to martial law.) πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

@SeaGreenEyez there’d be nothing to worry about if he didn’t have an army of Brownshirts ready to mail people bombs, issue death threats, and probably worse. And another army of sycophants to appease him, and yet another swathe of people who fancy themselves decent but approve of or excuse everything he does.


and mexico will pay for it


and mexico will pay for it


What a horrible asshole stupid


Why rhetorical? It is pretty much what they do.


If newspapers eventually go it will be because of the Internet, Facebook, mobile apps, but he will go sooner than that.


In DT's mind...which is failing and bordering on psychosis. He sure fits the description: ***Hallucinations - hearing, seeing, or feeling things that do not exist.

***Delusions - false beliefs, especially based on fear or suspicion of things that are not real.

***Disorganization - in thought, speech, or behavior.


He'll be gone in 2 years..if not sooner..

Don't bank on it


MussOLINI was a newspaper writer like Calvin Coolidge Italian & USA fascism ever since TrumpOLINI is a war criminal like MussOLINI murdered Ethiopia like USA Yemeni with drone war crimes


Fake news is replacing print writers....easier to lie with lips than finger typing


The story quotes 9 sentences from Trump's speech, and every one is a lie. The lie meter must have been busy today.

DT puts the pathological in pathological liar.


He'll be gone in 2 years..if not sooner..

We hope. I'll be an illegal immigrant somewhere if he isn't gone. I can take no more. I'm barely holding on over here. Between the religion and the Trumpsters, I'm just over it. 😦

@SeaGreenEyez go to's still cheapish and has ocean views..

@Charlene And they decriminalize all drugs. I'm gonna need those after these for years. (I was married to a Portuguese man. Not sure if that's a pro or a con. LOL)

@SeaGreenEyez well it's biggish country..You have pretty slim chances of running over him..we..sorry onto him..damn..into him!

@Charlene Hahaha! He's never been there. But my luck, he would appear. πŸ˜›

@SeaGreenEyez damn!!

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