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Is it alright for an agnostic to attend a church, mostly for the sense of community and exploration?

Lidasman 4 Apr 14

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To echo someone else, "Why not?"


No, the International Association of Agnostic Humans has published severe punishments for any Agnostic attending any religious service. It is sort of like the way Amish shun their outcasts.

Seriously, sure, do your thing. However doesn't a faith discussion pop up?


Sure, why not? Check the biblical advice! Lol

zesty Level 7 Apr 14, 2019

Absolutely. Do whatever feels right for you!


And who, exactly, is your Attendance Police? Do you have any Unitarian-Universalist "churches" near you? Might be more comfortable


You can do anything you wish to do, morally speaking. If you want to investigate, why not. I've gone, been a while though. I used to enjoy the Unitarian services; the "Society" I would attendd had some good lectures and discussions. People there ran the gamut from Wikkin to neo xtion to agnostic to atheist to past other: Jewish, etc.


Yeah it’s fine. I went to midnight mass a couple of times post deconversion but found I couldn’t hack the BS which was a shame. I was missing that slightly childish sense of excitement I used to get. Well that’s gone!

But why not?


Did you know that UU srves this purpose with out any dogma whatsoever? Unitarian Universalists.

I just wish they were closer to where I live.

@Pariah start a group! I bet you are not the only one.


Damn, who are we to tell you where to seek community and acceptance? Do your thing.

JimG Level 8 Apr 14, 2019

I used to belong to the United Church of Canada. I got to know some very fine people. I miss the sociable aspect of it.

Really no-one can answer this except you yourself. Provided you don't expect to make financial gain or unduly influence anyone against their own belief, how can one morally object? If you feel better for it, and are frank about why, then good.

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