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LINK Nusrat Jahan Rafi: Burned to death for reporting sexual harassment - BBC News

This in particular bothered me:

According to a statement given by Nusrat, a fellow female student took her to the roof of the school, saying one of her friends was being beaten up. When Nusrat reached the rooftop four or five people, wearing burqas, surrounded her and allegedly pressured her to withdraw the case against the headmaster. When she refused, they set her on fire.

Female! FEMALE!

By altschmerz9
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Breaks my heart. Such downright evil


The great religion of peace! How nice.

zesty Level 7 Apr 18, 2019

Yup ...


I don't know if its hereditary but some of the most bad tempered guys i know are from that country. They seem to be prepared to do the most unspeakable things in the name of honor without regard to consequence. This does not surprise me at all. What does surprise me is how when the same type of guys arrive in a western country they get involved in drugs alcohol prostitutes gambling etc. Honor and religious commitment goes right out of the window. Poor Nusrat.

Nardi Level 7 Apr 18, 2019

It must be socialization. I've never known anybody from Bangladesh - I know people from Pakistan and India, and luckily they don't behave like that, but in all those countries shit like this goes on. Bangladesh must be worse than usual.


So much for the religion of "peace".
The women are as bad as the men.

KKGator Level 9 Apr 18, 2019

OH yeah.


Unfortunately this is not an one of occurrence.

Jolanta Level 8 Apr 18, 2019

No, especially in a place like Bangladesh.

@altschmerz And India too.


So disturbing. It's not a revelation that females can be indoctrinated to be misogynists, patriarchal, and murder in the name of their god/religion.

I hate the women who are like that more than the men.

@altschmerz Why more than the men? Men kill men all the time. What's the difference?

@VictoriaNotes It's unusual to see women lower temselves to a level of brutality akin to something ISIS would do.

@VictoriaNotes AND they’re betraying their own kind. They should be sticking together.

@VictoriaNotes men aren’t killed for complaining about sexual harassment. That’s kind of false equivalence.

@Sgt_Spanky Not any more.


@VictoriaNotes isn’t that nice, they’re starting to believe in equality.


"AND they’re betraying their own kind. They should be sticking together."

Like men should?

"men aren’t killed for complaining about sexual harassment. That’s kind of false equivalence."

They are killed for less important things.

@VictoriaNotes I kind of feel you’re not getting my point ...

@altschmerz The feeling is mutual.

@VictoriaNotes UGH! That's depressing.

@altschmerz yeah, but only for helping do their killing. Everything else is still the same, sadly....

@Redheadedgammy they're the smart ones, they can get stupid women to do the dirty work and not give them anything in return.

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