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Hills Are Alive with Flowers and Meadowlark Song

Meadowlarks singing is a sign of Spring. Today Meadowlarks filled the air with song.

Karen, who is rapidly recovering from flu, and I hiked 4.5 miles to ridges and hillsides in Sage Hill Trails, Wenatchee, WA. Cascade Mountains' foothills on the east, sunny side.

I love it when the hills turn green in the Spring! It looks like Switzerland. The barn was built in the 1930s on the original 160-acre homestead.

This morning driving up steep Horse Lake Road, green hills were covered with bright yellow Balsamroot flowers. Breathtaking! I stopped the car to get the first photo, knowing I'd be shooting directly into the sun if I waited until afternoon.

Trippy brown Fernleaf Biscuitroot flowers looked like spaceships had landed on one hillside.

"This hill is where pink Shooting Stars bloom each Spring for a week or two," Karen said, stopping. Her memory and sense of direction delight me. Karen always gets us back to the car.

After four miles, the bicycle trail we were following dropped down into a deep gully, then wound back up.

"I don't want to go all the way down in that gully, do you?" I asked. "Bonnie is hot," Karen replied. I gave Karen's dog Bonnie some of my water. She gratefully lapped it up.

Then Karen led us across ridges on an old, grassy road, following an ancient fence line. We came out at the cars. Well done, Karen!

Western Meadowlark birds singing:


LiterateHiker 9 Apr 18

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I love spring and the freshness it brings...lovely pictures and well written post evoking imagery...


Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words.

Half-Irish, I'm a born storyteller.


Beautiful pictures! I always love to read your posts about the hikes you go on.


What a sweet thing to say! Thank you. Glad you enjoy my hiking stories and pictures.




You live in a beautiful area. I lived in Vancouver for 16 years and came down that way every so often. If housing prices weren't so crazy, I'd be back.


Excellent pictures


So pretty !

Ohub Level 7 Apr 19, 2019

Do you know what the second picture (flowers) are?


I wrote:

"Trippy brown Fernleaf Biscuitroot flowers looked like spaceships had landed on one hillside."

The key word is "brown."


wow that's just totally awesome!! nice pics!! i really like the barn pic.


Thanks, I really enjoyed that hike


Beautiful. I wish I could save the one with the house. I see a painting there.


It's an old barn.

@LiterateHiker Nice photo. I will just go to your posts as a reference if I decide to paint it, if you don't mind.


So lovely 😊 I like the sun flowers 😊🙂


They are yellow Balsamroot flowers. Sacred to the Wenatchii Indians who boiled and ate the tubers (roots).

@LiterateHiker ahhhh it's so lovely,I'm a nature lover too and did hiking also...thanks for the info,coz I thought it's a sunflower 😊



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