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LINK Militia in New Mexico Detains Asylum Seekers at Gunpoint

And so it begins. Trump's call to arms at the Southern Border is in full swing. Nationwide more groups are mobilizing. This is what Congress AND law enforcement are allowing to continue. Kidnapping at gunpoint. We truly have turned into a 3rd World Nation. smh

SeaGreenEyez 8 Apr 19

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A fully legal citizen's arrest. American citizens preventing illegal overrun of their own country. The militia actually helped the law enforcement, hence they deserve a reimbursement of their related expanses.

zesty Level 7 Apr 19, 2019

Yeah, no.


@SeaGreenEyez It is incorrect. What about the concept of citizen's arrest?

@zesty It isn't incorrect. You can't do a "verbal citizen's arrest" of 300 people. What they've done is criminal, the FBI is now involved, and it's turning out to be absolutely delicious. Their "leader" was arrested today. Firearm charges. Felon in possession charges. This "good guys with a gun, law and order freak" is a criminal and he's now looking at 7 years Federal time. (And more arrests are expected.)


@SeaGreenEyez The victims are arrested, criminals go free. FBI at its best.

@zesty Wow. You Trump supporters really cherry-pick. The criminal did get arrested. This is America. Asylum seekers are not criminal. They're the very people that founded this Country. And yes, this is the FBI at their best. Homegrown terrorists plague this country. This is one terror cell now being fully investigated because of their blatant ignorance and criminal mindsets.

See it as you wish. I'm over this little exchange. Happy Easter.

@SeaGreenEyez People who illegally cross our borders are criminals. Period.

@zesty soooo many moral things have been illegal until they were overturned. Technically you are right, morally you're on the wrong side. Should all our ancestors been thrown in jail as they fled to America to find a new life? If we ended the war on drugs maybe where they're living now wouldn't be such a hell. They're suffering for our bad decisions! Tough not to have sympathy for them as human beings. This tribal shit has to go. I believe in strong borders and sensible immigration policies but not having compassion for your fellow human beings is unacceptable and morally repugnant!


Isn't it a legal citizen's arrest?

zesty Level 7 Apr 19, 2019

No. It's not a citizen arrest of over 300 people. It's being held at gunpoint by batshit crazy Americans. Terrorists in any other sane country.

you could just go down and shoot a few for fun.

@Allamanda Shoot a few of the militia? Yeah, no. I'm not about lowering myself to such asinine antics. 🙂

@SeaGreenEyez no, I was suggesting that it might suit the commenter to shoot a few of the migrants, if I gauge correctly. Our comments crossed.

@Allamanda LOL... they did cross and not much is working for me site-wise today. It may be a sign I'm supposed to log off and forget all this dismal stuff. 😔


I can't wait to move out of NM.

1of5 Level 8 Apr 19, 2019

appalled... are there no peace protesters going there? I wish I could.

No, there aren't. And it's probably wise. Civil War would erupt. These crazy vigilantes aren't held accountable any more than law enforcement is held accountable for dirty deeds. If you aren't familiar with the Bundy Clan and their escapades, you might find info that pertains to our Southern Border (same playbook, some of the same players). Some of those holding hostages today on the Southern Border have been there since November, 2018. 😔Links re: Bundy siege of Federal lands in Nevada in 2014 & Oregon 2016. *It's especially shocking how U.S. elected officials rallied around these militias calling them "patriots" after they committed innumerable federal/state laws. Interesting read, for sure.


@SeaGreenEyez my heart sinks more all the time

@Allamanda Mine, too. 😔


Vigilantes are hard at work doing asshole in chiefs bidding his personal brown shirts Nazis

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