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LINK Slain Missouri Ku Klux Klan leader's wife admits killing him Index

There's serious irony here.

By SeaGreenEyez8
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Torn between wanting to channel my inner Ghandi vs live by the sword, die by the sword.


It’s stories like this that can make a man think twice about asking for a divorce.


"Abandonment of a corpse?" What an odd term! I suspect he had it coming...don't you?

He said she was a terrible wife. I can only imagine what kind of husband he was.

@SeaGreenEyez I wish her the best of luck in getting a ''fair'' Missouri...with the KKK hiding everywhere.

@LucyLoohoo I think since she confessed, it'll be Life Without Parole. I wonder how she'll fair in prison. I'll bet she has to rough.

@SeaGreenEyez Hmmm...maybe. But, I'll bet there are many other women guilty of the same crime. I'd love to think they can form a support group, talk it out and actually HEAL!


Wow turnabout

bobwjr Level 9 Apr 19, 2019

And the way the law works means her son can still get convicted if the sane crime.

California recently did away with that. In their prison reform efforts, the lawmakers made it as it once was, sane, only the principle can be charged with murder/homicide. I believe they retroacted it to a degree, so some convictions were overturned. (I didn't remember the specifics without looking, but it was overwhelmingly passed.)


I won't celebrate the man's death, but neither will I mourn it.

Xuande Level 7 Apr 19, 2019

So sad. I'm just as sad as when Reinhard Heydrich died.*

*That means fucks given are zero


Sounds like she divorced him alright!

davknight Level 7 Apr 19, 2019

Very sad story.

ToolGuy Level 8 Apr 19, 2019
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