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Hi!! Anyone out here from Brooklyn NY. I'm looking for a 1br apt or studio for a female with 2 cats on a budget.

bluefairy 6 Mar 6

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I'm from Brooklyn, but I can't really help on the apartment aspect. Times are crazy for places to live in NY. I know people who have moved out of NY already and others who want to move out of NY because of the crazy rents. There are some people charging rents for 1 br or studios for the same amount you can rent 2 or 3 nice sized whole houses in other states.

Ridiculous rent is exactly the problem right now!!

@bluefairy My brother was paying $900 a month for a tiny basement that wasn't even registered. Literally a kitchen and a bathroom with one other room that could barely fit a mattress. They have apartments near me with like 1 or 2 bedrooms and they want to charge $2,000 a month. I have seen studios going for no less than $1,200 a month here. I'm sure there are a few gems where they don't cost too much, but it's a rough search.

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