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Bullying is always wrong.


Antifa members, clearly, are the trash of any civilized society!

zesty Level 7 Apr 19, 2019

"A political protest movement comprising autonomous groups affiliated by their militant opposition to fascism and other forms of extreme right-wing ideology."

In WWII Antifa would be both the US and British Governments.
I'm assuming you look back at that time in history and consider Italy and Germany to have been the only civilized societies.

@Novelty This is a BS, lying definition. These thugs create disturbances, bullying decent people. Simple Soros- financed human garbage.

@zesty That's my exact definition of Maga people. Just not Soros, more like Koch brothers, with Murdoc as their pr guy.

@Novelty Maga people don't burn cars and trash streets. Maga people work, build and create. Antifa trash only destroy.

@zesty Maga people chant that Jews will not replace them, then run over peaceful protesters, they support taking children from their mothers then putting those children in cages after shipping those mothers out of the country. You live in an echo chamber there’s a lot more going on in the world than you know if you support people in red hats, Russian red hats.

@Novelty What are you talking about? Cannot be serious!

@zesty It's a world of deadly serious shit. Everyone should be ready for what's next. Shit talking doesn't do anything but make a certain violent outcome certain, and you're a shit talker.

@Novelty Sure. Actually you forgot to mention that Maga people also eat babies.

@zesty Don't confuse Maga with us atheist, we corner the market in baby eating.

@zesty Or, as in Charlottesville, they run people down with cars.


You can always find one stupid person to use as a strawman about any group.
In the case of progressives we have a few stupid people that we prefer to use as a strawmen for the entire Republican party. Lets see there's Trump, McConnell, and Miller just to name three.


I can't believe the sense of self-righteousness she must have had to try something so extreme. Maybe she spends all her social time in an echo-chamber.

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