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Of course not! Fuck all Palestinians.

zesty Level 7 Apr 19, 2019

Very humanist comment… Very revealing about you…
You intend to throw crap on the Palestinians with that comment but instead you end up throwing it on yourself!

@Krish55 I just don't like fifth generation complainers and terrorists. Go get a job!

@zesty You're assuming I'm on employed. What makes you assume that? You've looked at my profile several times. So you know very well what my occupation is - History and English teacher…

@Krish55 Was talking about the Palestinians, not you.


Stop sending aid to Israel until the Palestinians are free.....dammit

Nuke Level 5 Apr 19, 2019

By all rights, we should be bombing Israel, for their WMD that we KNOW they have. []

THHA Level 7 Apr 19, 2019

I didn't know Israel needed aid.

I'm all for trade embargos.

And stopping Madonna performing there.

They receive more aid than all other recipients combined. They truly don't need it.


Yes, why would you send aid to Israel when your own are starving, when your infrastructure is crumbling, when people die because they cannot afford going to the doctor. Israel has free health care, free education all this because you pay for it.

Yes, but we're still #1. Or something.

@1of5 Yes you are number one when it comes to weapons and how many lawyers you have but I think that is about it.

@Jolanta that's 2 categories! WOO HOO!

And here I was, worried about the course my nations charting in these turbulent times.

@1of5 There are probably more but some research is needed.

@1of5, @ToolGuy Yes I totally agree, but is seems to me to be an insanity to give money to a nation who has free education, health care for all etc, etc while your own people don't.

@Jolanta just off the top of my head: our incarceration rate, mass shootings, bombing people on other continents, and voting against our own self interest.

At least we have good weed.

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