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LINK 20 years after Columbine shooting, little has been accomplished on gun control

The human animal. We're predators. Guns have replaced our saber teeth and claws. Who's watching with nothing being done? Keep praying.

IAJO163 8 Apr 20

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Didn't you mean "Keep preying."? 🙂

You noticed the sarcasm. Ty. 😀


We need to arm the teachers the older, responsible kids in schools and the public, in general. The only way to avoid mass shootings.

zesty Level 7 Apr 20, 2019

The only way to prevent mass shootings it to create more mass shootings? Arm untethered youth? Teachers? That would create a war zone. Fear is the boss here and we need to use it to prevent things like this from happening. Fear should make students and teachers more aware and cautious and possibly able to head some thing off at the pass and let law enforcement know of impending events. More guns means more shooting.

@IAJO163 I don't want to live in fear! What a concept, fear will solve the problems! If I will be a victim of a mass shooting I want to go down with a weapon in my hands!

@zesty Although flowers don't live in fear, they might fear. There's always been a thin line between self defense and a desire to use the weapon of choice. Fear is and always will be a part of life. It's what you do with it that counts. Bullets flying everywhere is just chaos. Just what the world needs more of, right? I don't want to live in a world full of fear and if someone takes me out of it then I feel I'm actually better off. What good is remaining here if I can't change anything?

@IAJO163 It is better not to change anything then disrupt a well-functioning system.

@zesty The system is quickly falling apart. Life will get worse before it gets better.

@IAJO163 which system?

@zesty Our U.S. Government.

@IAJO163 Oh, no! It is working very well. We live better and better each day.

@zesty You can't speak for everybody.

@IAJO163 True. Nobody can speak for everybody.

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