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LINK Millions of Americans Flood Into Mexico for Health Care

Medical tourism is a thriving industry. It isn't just Mexico, but also India and other thrid world countries too.

snytiger6 9 Apr 23

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I'm a big fan of medical tourism. The health care in America SUCKS.

Hope you remain alive! The US health care is surprisingly safe, as opposed to the relatively inexpensive health care of undeveloped countries.

@zesty How about some data supporting your claim.

Several of my friends have traveled to Los Algodones for dental work.

@GeorgeRocheleau I didn't reply earlier simply because it's assumed by some that we ONLY go to Mexico. Canada is my preference. Although with the number of American doctors & surgeons in Mexico, I just might go that route should something come up in the future.

@SeaGreenEyez Of course Mexico isn't that far away from here.



zesty Level 7 Apr 23, 2019
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