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LINK California Senate passes bill to end discrimination based on hair in school and workplaces - JURIST - News - Legal News & Commentary

We've devolved from water fountains and backs of buses to hair. A pathetic day in America when it takes a law to stop racist shit pertaining hair style. smh

SeaGreenEyez 9 Apr 24

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When racial is wrong


A law claiming an employer cannot discriminate on the grounds of a hair style is ludicrous, it is basically calling an end to standards of dress and professionalism in favour of a stupid, childish "You can't tell me what to do, your not my Dad" entitled attitude that is all too common today.
The old saying "Clothes maketh the Man (or woman)" still holds true, and how I dressed in my leisure time (I was a total hippie) and in my work time (at that time forty odd years ago I was a trainee accountant), both expressed my personality and my sense of propriety, but did not impinge on one another.
If your work place has a dress code you abide by it or you resign, I know plenty of people of any and all "races" (and bare in mind in the UK that word does not mean what it does in the USA it simply means your nationality) who are smart and professional and others who are just scruffs.
If you are idiot enough to believe you can face the public and professional bodies with a bright green Mohawk spiked up with super glue (I had some one actually come for a job interview looking like that) you don't deserve to be employed. If you had told me I could not look at some one precocious enough to turn up at job interview like that and NOT decide they were a buffoon who did not really want the job or was just taking the piss I would simply have found another reason not to employ them.
When I was in my teens I had an 18" Afro, my hair is naturally curly and bushes out when it is long. I had to leave school at sixteen for family reasons and the first two things I did before even beginning to look for work was buy a smart suit and cut my hair in to a crew cut, because that is the only way it could be made to look smart and the only way I could expect to gain employment.

Braids, locks and twists are a teeny bit different than a bright green Mohawk! lol

@altschmerz Yes. Very different.

@altschmerz True but once you establish a precedent it has to apply to all or to none, and you can have smart cornrows, Braids, locks and twists tied back for a work environment safely and you can have the same thing, over long, decorated and hanging wild
Which of these would you hire?

@LenHazell53 the guy looks pretty scruffy. The woman’s hair looks smooth and well-presented.

@altschmerz Exactly, but they are both dreadlocks and under the wording of this law equally could not be discriminated against.

I understand the intent is to stop racism but as it stands this law is open to massive amounts of abuse and petty litigation, by any lazy git who wants to exploit it.

@LenHazell53 perhaps they could word the law so that no matter how you wear your hair, it has to be neat. The white guy wouldn’t look bad if his hair was neater.

I’m a little bit of an anarchist myself.


Does it include hair full of lice too?

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