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LINK Military vet plotted LA terror attacks to cause ‘mass casualties,’ authorities say

3 homegrown terror attacks in as many days, all claiming "retribution" for New Zealand's recent mosque event. (These people are too ignorant to figure out that it was Muslims targeted in New Zealand. They're on the same team as the terrorist in New Zealand, and can't seem to connect the dots. The utter stupidity is mind-numbing. smh)

SeaGreenEyez 9 Apr 29

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So true....bellicose xian bigots murdered Sikhs assuming them to be Muslims....just like the KKK they hate Jews Blacks bankers environmentalists for denying them extra cheap gasoline to burn their saviour wood combustible crucifix ceremonies


Idiots shallow end of gene pool like trumpers

His spin is that he was going to target a White Pride rally. Hmmm.

@SeaGreenEyez Bullshit

@bobwjr Exactly. I looked. I couldn't find a rally in that area.

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