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LINK Judge delivers win for Sacha Baron Cohen in Roy Moore defamation lawsuit proceedings | TheHill

For anyone that didn't see the actual show, in which Roy Moore was given a pedophile-test, I've linked it. It's cringeworthy content but funny.

SeaGreenEyez 9 Apr 29

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Dirty, Filthy old white boooiiii!😠

He's suing for $95 million dollars because he was punked by Cohen. Showtime is just going to keep fucking around and around till he's dead. He'll never see a dime, which makes me so happy.

@SeaGreenEyez it's karmic justice..and he deserves to be fucked over..👿😠


When Moore was assistant DISTRICT attorney and married is when he was fondling and begging teen girls for sex...somebody should do the calendar math to see if his poor wife was pregnant or medically unavailable for his penis obsession

Did you see he's running for the Senate? And he's leading early polls. It's nuts.

@SeaGreenEyez AGAIN ???? ALABAMA has 48 % white religious bigots who almost always VOTE blacks are 40% that leaves 12 % Atheists who all need to turn out to vote against the Moore cabal

@GreenAtheist I was just shocked. What is wrong with those inbreeders ... I mean, those fine people in Alabama. smh

@SeaGreenEyez this is why I encourage all Atheists to confront the worst of religion... since 1980 I have broadcast the words: " THEOCRACY IS TREASON " betrays CONSTITUTION humanity and basic ethics....I condemn their bibles on every page...we can shame them back into the shadows like we did with the kkk and Clarence Darrow shamed their creationist hero Wm Jennings Bryan (a personal Democratic Party longtime friend of his) shamed Bryan as a stupid incompetent who DID NOT KNOW HIS OWN KING JAMES BIBLE but all activist Atheists do read the bibles so easy to ridicule and condemn by content as did Thomas Paine in 1789


I know a woman who dated Moore in Anniston both high school seniors...he was creepy and a poster boy for male entitlement ....religious marriage = sexual slavery


Love it pedophile gets just desserts

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