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LINK ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Spoiler Man Beaten Outside Hong Kong Cinema – Deadline

I don't even know what Avengers: Endgame is (yes it's a superhero movie, I know that much) but I know people who have yet to see it are avoiding spoilers at all costs. This guy got what was coming to him IMO.

altschmerz 9 Apr 30

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I recall a story of group of guys holding their mate by the ankles so he could pain the words Dumbledor Dies on a bridge over the M25 the main commuter route in to London on the day before Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was released.
Most like to think they dropped him.


Ah, Spoiler Man, the evil-doer and archnemesis of KeepYourFuckingMouthShutBoy. I love comic book superheroes.


He was looking for trouble...


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