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QUESTION Why do atheists exist? - Quora

I thought that there were some great answers as to why there are atheists. The Freddy Krueger example was a clever one. I use Quora quite a bit

balou 8 Mar 8

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Because Mom and Dad had sex ....


At first, I identified as agnostic for these very reasons that are listed in this article. Then I ran across a quiz where it would to help you tell the difference between agnostic and atheist. After answering the quiz questions it said I was an atheist. So I guess I'm an atheist

Well, I guess you’re on the right site! πŸ™‚

@balou I think I am!


Because religion exists.

lerlo Level 8 Mar 8, 2018

It depends upon what meaning you are giving to 'atheist'. To my way of thinking, the word simply means one who has no belief in god(s). This can be equated to a number of different things. There are people in the world who do not believe in the kraken. Here there is considerable room to question why someone would not believe in the kraken because there is considerably more evidence that something like the kraken could actually exist in the natural world. As for god(s), there is none at all. It is far easier to understand why someone would not believe in god(s) as opposed to not believing in kraken.

So, why do atheists exist? Many of them, such as myself, have no reason to believe in god(s), but have ample reasons for not maintaining such a belief.


because there are so many religious people


So, in a sense, most of us are atheistic about the possibility of getting murdered, not because it doens't happen, but because the chances are so slim that it does not affect your daily routine.

Here the writer should be saying agnostic because you do admit a possibility, no matter how slim any of these may be.

As you can see from some of your responses, there are what this writer refers to as gnostic atheists but I feel they can better be described as dogmatic atheists, who can be quite sectarian in their presentations of the various beliefs they present as facts.

The only common consensus they all seem to have is if it cannot be empirically proven (by today's standards, with today's information, in a way they can understand, etc) it cannot possibly exist.

Dogmatic Atheism and Scientific Ignorance


Why not ?


Atheist exist because God believes in us .



We can be gnostic atheists when it comes to specific gods. There is conclusive evidence the God of Abraham cannot exist, for instance. Since Moses and the Exodus are known fiction, there is no need to waste time considering that story further.

The only god worth remaining agnostic about would be a deist god, unlike anything from any existing alleged revelations.


Because I do. Deal with it!

Did you even click on the link? I posted a link from a discussion on Quora. I thought it was interesting.

@balou No. But now I have. Give me a little time, OK?

Please remind me me if I can't park this somewhere.

Listening to this:


We think therefore we are.

JimG Level 8 Mar 8, 2018

we stink therefore we were


As I have pointed out before, th graph is wrong in its definitions. Gnostic relates to a mystical knowledge. And atheist does not believe in a god or gods (or the supernatural). One cannot be a Gnostic Atheist by definition.


Because God dosn't.

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