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LINK Judge demands unredacted Mueller report in Roger Stone case

This has become comical. Even Judges are looking for a backdoor into the unredacted Mueller Report and the sleaziest are refusing, at every level. Mueller Report Hysteria. smh

SeaGreenEyez 9 May 9

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It is often misquoted that "there is one law for the rich and another for the poor," the original quote often used to discredit this, is actually that "there is one law for rich and poor alike against the stealing of bread"

But now it seems there is one law for the rich and poor alike, but the rich alone are allowed to ignore it.


How does anyone do their job fairly and correctly without all of the information?

Aren't judges and Congress bound by security clearance laws and confidentiality? What is so horrible or private that they can't read an unredacted report? If it were children reading it, I can see redacting the bad words...FUCK

That would be fine if the lines were, in fact, redacted or red-lined. Sharpie blacked-out doesn't leave even a trace of what may be there (even if held up to a light source.)

@SeaGreenEyez lol I know what redacted means, but thank you...there was no way to be able to prove my point if indeed there was a redacted font choice...and yes, the point of redaction is not to be able to read at all...I have redacted many many reports...

@thinktwice I guess I miss your jist in comments/humor in this limited scope. Much like my confusion re: you commenting on the falsified tax return of 2005, released in 2017 by Trump, versus the recently released transcripts of 1985-1994. It's a tough venue, tiny white boxes, maybe.

@SeaGreenEyez yeah...I just rely on the fact that you are always thoughtful and factual and meticulous in your posts to recognize that what you say is normal just a statement of sense of humor is pretty dry and tongue in cheek...I respond while working on five computers at the same time so it is highly possible that I read multiples of similar or the same me out...I am not offended when the errors are pointed out by people of your quality

@SeaGreenEyez lol I was excited when you posted what you did on his is nice to be in the company of a numbers person as well...I apologize, but I thought I was supporting you! I am working on not being so dead pan and dry in my comments...ha ha took me 20 minutes to figure out what you were talking I can go home and rest easy if you forgive me...ha ha ha

and in my lame defense, I am operating with only one good eye...I had cataract surgery...

@thinktwice Hahaha! I am, too. Not surgery, a contact lens malfunction (major!)

I'm not bothered, I was confused. I was thinking, "WTH! Did the Talking Yam actually file taxes?" I had forgotten about that 2005 doctored 2 pages. 😛

Two dry people trying to converse in little boxes ... LOL! That should be the start of a bad joke ... 😀

@SeaGreenEyez You are too awesome...keep up your posts...I truly enjoy them and your informed and spirited discussions...


I hate headline writers. The judge is being far more reasonable than Stone's attornies in asking for data.

Stone’s lawyers last month asked for the entire Mueller report as they pressed Jackson to toss out the case before trial.

U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson in a one-paragraph order gave the U.S. attorneys handling the Stone case until Monday to provide her with portions of Mueller’s report that deal with Stone “and/or ‘the dissemination of hacked materials’” that were leaked during the 2016 presidential campaign to the detriment of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

1of5 Level 8 May 9, 2019

Absolutely wonderful everyone is going to see trumps people and how they work


They know it's a smoking gun...

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