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LINK Bad Cops Charged After Good Cop Reported Video of Them Torturing Handcuffed Teen

This is just so awful. The article is bad, the video isn't suitable for sensitive viewers.

SeaGreenEyez 9 May 9

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Wish there was more good cops...


What the F' century do these Barbarian savages think we live in?


Finally, a good cop stands up after one of these things.


Assholes shouldn't be in uniform


Despicable. These cruel, violent cops need to be thrown in prison, and stripped of their right to be police officers for the rest of their lives.

Agreed. These two are actually facing some real time. At least it's something.


Animals dressed up in Blue..

I'm not even certain many animals would do shit this disgusting.

A lot of them are. Enjoying the power, sadistic and, perhaps, not only mentally but physically impotent. This was the reason why they choosed the law enforcement profession.

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