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This was posted by a man named George Wolf on Quora. Quora is a website you can go on and ask pretty much anything you want and usually get a thoughtful, reasoned answer, or several. I thought you all here might be interested as there are often questions about atheism posted there.

The question Mr. Wolf was responding to was essentially asking how can atheists ignore all the archaeological evidence for God and the bible? Here's his answer:

"Back in 1970, I was on a biblical archaeology dig in Israel at one of the two sites of Be'ersheba. I also toured some other sites such as Megido (“Armageddon” ), Caesaria, Arad, Masada, Jerusalem and Nazareth. And those are just the places I remember. The dig was led by scholars who were fluent in Hebrew (both ancient and Aramaic alphabets), Aramaic, ancient Greek, old Persian and could read Egyptian hieroglyphics as fast as you can read my comments. They were also skilled at excavation, including a particular ability to find ostracons — notes written on broken pottery chips. What I learned is that there is almost no evidence for most of the Bible.

For instance, there is no physical evidence at all for Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the “slaughter of the Innocents,” David, Solomon, Saul, Moses, Joshuah, the prophets, Moses, Isaac, Abraham, Noah, Adam or Eve. All is not lost; there is physical evidence for Herod the Great, Pontius Pilate, the seige at Masada, the Philistines, and a few of the kings. Israel/Palestine is choked with ruins, especially of towns burned down again and again, piled one atop the other. Most of the ruins represent everybody except the “Israelites.”

The biblical scholars could tell me all kinds of things about where the text came from. And because of that almost none of them were religious. Nor were most of the Israelis. So I don't know what you mean about “archaeological evidence of God and the Bible.” Whoever told you there was lied to you."

Condor5 8 Mar 10

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Then there's the fact that just because the Bible mentions a few places and figures that are real and historical is no more proof that the Bible is true or inspired, than that Harry Potter novels are non-fictiion because they mention real places like London.


I apologize for the lack of paragraph separation, they were in there in the original posting.

It's a bug that was fixed earlier today. Edit your post and put the paragraph breaks back in, and they will "stick" now.

@mordant thanx, I think it's better now.

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