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LINK Angela Merkel warns against dark forces on the rise in Europe

What's she trying to say? "Could it be ... Satan?" LOL!!!

IAJO163 7 May 28

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Hmmm ... It poses the question, "What would God do?" The same nothing that's being done now while much of it is being done in the name of a deity?


Yet the left will deny that this rise of the right is largely due to leftist policies that went too far.
Perhaps next time Merkel may ask the people she represents what they think before announcing Germany will welcome ALL with open arms. Even Merkel realises she went too far and reintroduced border controls.
Left leaning people must acknowledge their flaws, and admit this rise in the right is a response to latte sipping nobles who wish to impose their liberal views on all without consultation. Have they learnt yet? I don't think so, still a bit "agree with me or you're a rascist, sexist..." etc arrogant ones out there.
I'm a wobbly bastard myself; lean left some issues, right on others. Called pragmatism.

How would you have handled Syrian exodus. It was both profound and deplorable, and we were complicite along with our allies in creating the situation. It happened so quickly and so complex, it took time to comprehend the implications of the numbers that were exoding Syria.

Powder you reduce it to a oversimplistic choice. The world felt guilty given the pictures coming out of Turkey of bodies being washed ashore. Public pressure to open borders was worldwide and very loud. I remember watching the reports and seeing the video reporting and was overwhelmed by the human tradegy playing itself out before us. The answer is not so black and white.

@t1nick was in Thailand at the time, not overly big news as all ME conflict is not huge news. Syria by itself not so bad, it was Lybia which opened the floodgates. Thank NATO for that one. Ramstein.
Open borders is idiotic and surrenders soverignty.
Definition of refugee is first safe country (Saudi, UAE, Israel obvious choices, but when they do not welcome you and support "rebels" who are turning your country into great surprise). Crossing further borders is economic reasons largely. Point this out and you are howled down by the left which stifled debate. People got jack of being dismissed and right wing arseholes seized the opportunity and they have grown.
It really is that simple. If border controls had remained eg let refugees in but document them, I put it to you the rise of the right would not be as severe as it has become. A large part of the blame is the open borders policy of the EU, led by Germany, Merkel.

@powder i concur. The massive influx scared the rightvand aided intheirvrise in power. A reaction to the hugevinflux, mixed with theirvfear of those that are diffetent.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia are not honest brokers and reputible actors in the reason. Our propping them up is reprehensible. Humanitarianism outreach is not a negative. Unstructured outreach is dangerous as we've witnessed.

Libya was poorly handled and carried out. We still do not hear that much about the exodus from Libya and Tunisia to Italy. Its being going on longer and more consistently, with greater casualties. Italy finally began regulating the influx, a day late and a dollar short.


Creeping Trumplerism is a trans-Atlantic phenomenon!


She is right to be worried, and she who lived through the aftermath of WW2 under a communist regime knows more than most the cost of allowing extreme nationalism to get a hold of power. It is extremely alarming that memories appear to be so short, especially in the former Soviet satellite states in Eastern Europe, such as Hungary and Poland. Extreme nationalism leads inevitably to censorship, dictatorship and a curbing of civil liberties. Fear of outsiders increases a collective paranoia, and the national flag becomes a symbol, not of freedom but oppression.

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