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LINK Trump supporters explained - Dunning-Kruger Effect

The article explains it clinically. The links below explains things, well, realistically. Trigger warning.

Trump is the Dunning-Kruger President

Science suggests Trump supporters are stupid

SeaGreenEyez 8 June 4

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Trump is the right president to have at the moment, considering the fact that the national debt is already beyond the point of no return . . . . . he will finish the job of bankrupting the nation, default on the loans, the military will have to withdraw from all the countries they have occupied because the nation will no longer be able to support it, and all of the other countries of the world will be overjoyed to get rid of the fucking violent drunk cowboys who over-played their hand and will end up sitting in a fucking third-world country as a result.

THHA Level 7 June 5, 2019

can't blame the rump supporters. most of them realize that the limousine lib demos have callously written them off.
this is their revenge: take the whole Fcked up country down with them.


all 60 million Americans?

gater Level 7 June 4, 2019

Aka. 'Cognitive-Dissonance'--refusal to accept reality, when it conflicts with one's personal belief system.


BILLARY WAS A PRO CHOICE WAR CRIMINAL murdering 50 thousand Libyan women and children with 117 USA sub launched cruise missiles 2011

Man, you know I liked you before I read this, but now I gotta say I am so disappointed. So you were one of the "Bernie or Bust" people that allowed the monster in the white house to win??? Thanks for that.

@ReadyforaChange BILLARY gave us TrumpOLINI because she tried to rig November after election fraud stealing the nomination from Sanders...both Bernie and BILLARY are cowardly corrupt was the only QUALIFIED person for President...Governor Johnson Libertarian was stoned on dope and did not know where our troops were in Aleppo SYRIA... DON'T "thank" me for your false excuses for BILLARY ....IF you want to replace TrumpOLINI AND want peace through green jobs vote @HowieHawkins20

Why do some Atheists blindly support gangsters in public office? Ignoring the facts they tell lies about truthtellers....remind you of xians ????

@GreenAtheist You seem awfully defensive. Feeling guilty?? Hillary would have been 500 times better than the fucking freak there now. We are all screwed...and so are our children and grandchildren. It's tragic.

@ReadyforaChange I am immensely PROUD to tell the truth and vote for the only QUALIFIED PRESIDENT DR JILL STEIN BILLARY would be much worse a loose was BILLARY doing the talking with Italy making it ok to come steal Libyan oil b4 Ghaddafi was found weeks later escaping with some of his troops on the way to CHAD....USA armed invaders killed the popular leader with over 70% Sunni approval the Shia minorities were the ones who also killed our gay Ambassador....BILLARYbots worship her like a gawd and lie about the pussy grabber TrumpOLINI like the devil....facts are not feelings ....sorry you are so delusional to accuse me of making a mistake


That let's too many off the hook as ignorant fools when they are racist greedy wannabes like TrumpOLINI....AND IT IMPLIES BILLARY voters are not ignorant fools ....both Republocrats and Rethuglicanrepublocrats are Siamese Twins joined at the hip of zionism and force feeding the Pentagon CIA to do as many war crime polluter oil wars as desired


I really don't care as to the why any longer..I just don't.

I do. I have to try to live amongst those people. If there was repellant, you know, like for cockroaches & bedbugs, I'd bathe in it. Sadly, I've not found anything like StooooooopidAway or BloomingIdiot Be Gone.

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