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LINK Republican, Democratic Senators Seek to Block Arms to Saudi Arabia

I'll bet Trump takes Lindsey Graham off speed-dial for this. 😛

SeaGreenEyez 9 June 5

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Trump declared a false emergency thus approving arm sales to Saudi bypassing congress. All in the plan, why Iran's revolutionary guard were declared terrorists.
Executive order to bypass congress using a false flag emergency declaration. You would think an abuse of power and an indictable offence.
Congress, indict him as you have enough. But politics is more important. So forgive me when dems and reps in congress cry fowl when they can react now but refuse to.


Saudis are the new Nazi of Muslim world seeking to unite their world under the Mohammed flag literally and victims like Yemen are poor trying to increase their national income at the entrance to the Red Sea ...greedy Saudis control their women and neighbors with high tech deadly force


Lindsay let so much go unchallenged...he is a bit too late to the party...

I have heard Trump is more popular in South Carolina than Graham is. This would explain a lot, including Grahams lack of courage, ethics, and morals.

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