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LINK Donald Trump Talking About The Books He's Read Will Make You Seriously Pine For The Days Of Barack Obama

Dear God. He's Sarah Palin, in drag. And there's millions of America's that don't give a shit that this man doesn't read, or can't ... whichever. 😔

SeaGreenEyez 9 June 14

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Alaska is nothing like AMERICA cross state travel is only by airplane or dog sled Hawaii only by boat or plane.....48 states have cars on roads most everywhere....this bragging incompetent fool Palin is a TrumpOLINI role model yup u bet


Maybe Michael Wolff's "Siege" would give him some education.

gearl Level 7 June 14, 2019

He doesn't know how to read, though. Trump needs this first ...


Obama is an idiot next to Trump - he gives 1.8 billion in cash to Iran and frees up another 150 billion for them - Obama is either stupid or a traitor.

gater Level 7 June 14, 2019


@SeaGreenEyez You shouldn't laugh at the truth.


I wonder if some one had sort of brief him and he had Tom Wolfe and Thomas Wolfe confused in his peanut of a mind?
Since The Bonfire of the Vanities had just come out in 1987 and was Tom Wolfe's first novel, Thomas Wolfe had been dead since 1938 but had written more than one book.


He doesn't even read the Cliff Notes versions...not a well rounded educated man...


I can almost hear the echoes in the 'Donald J Trump Presidential Library'.


Maybe it will be a comics collections? I bet they could fill it with volumes of his tweets...

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