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LINK Trump: Alleged Iranian oil tanker attacks 'very minor'

Of course. Backpedaling Donald. This guy's a monumental idiot. Playing with the nuclear codes. I hope someone was smart enough to make them double digits. This dumbass wouldn't be able to do shit with double-digits.

SeaGreenEyez 9 June 18

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Peace through green jobs means hydrogen cars no need to kill muslims for their oil nor no need for millionaires sucking 18% of the economy dry 60% profits from 16 killer insurance CEOs....HR 676 is real Medicare4all pays for itself lets people of all ages buy into Medicare just like seniors ....Bernie Senate bill is fake Medicare actually worse than Obombneycare which is welfare guaranteed profits to the big 16 CEOs
....Obama capped them @ 20 % and TrumpOLINI repealed that 2 years ago


I don't like trumpie either, but do not underestimate him. He is many things, stupid not being one of them. He isn't especially bright, but is far from a sub-normal.


In this case TrumpOLINI is protesting CIA control of the world since 1945...yes he is stupidly risking his skull like JFK did

A leader is safer waging peace and building up those in need....expanding coalitions sharing common ground....rolling dice in the White House for billionaires polluters and zionists is trickling down deadly poison from smog skies pole to pole melting the ice fucking up climate patterns....if you like epidemic asthma and cancer keep voting in corrupt liar blueREDS or redBLUES....I am voting for the best solution refusing either evil @HowieHawkins20


He should know, after all nobody believes that Iran did it.


He knows Not a single ally would support his insane and Boltons plans.

In that case he's smarter than Bolton.

@altschmerz that's entirely possible..



bobwjr Level 9 June 18, 2019
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