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LINK Is Being Gay Wrong? - YouTube

This is another Darkmatter2525 video

AJimboShep82 6 June 25

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We all cannot control who we are attracted to and we are all human beings with rights.


Faeces has a lot to do with it. Sex in the urinary tract is accepted because it also leads to the womb and I guess urine is thought of as less offensive than faeces.

I don't think this is the basis for Biblical prohibition. The thrust of Biblical law had to do with how they perceived the purpose of a thing. And pleasure didn't come into it. You had sex to have children.

How do we rationalise these things for our time? We've recognised the hygiene issues and advised on protection. We've decided that sex is about love and pleasure as well as procreation.

I think the last frontier is the issue of faeces. 'I've emptied my bowels and laid out the towels' does nothing to reduce homophobia.

So is it wrong? I see humans as human animals so I don't have highfalutin ideas about how we should behave. From an evolutionary perspective, we may well be doing excellently in our progress. From the traditional moral perspective, homosexuality is a fallen practice brought about by worship of idols (Romans Chapter 1).

If only we as a species can finally do away with the idea of gods and the idea of religion and all its doctrine all together I think humanity would be much better off from it.


We are who we are, weather a person is gay or not we are all human beings.


In my opinion no it's not it's who you are the oldest daughter is gay and I love her very very much it doesn't matter to me as long as you're happy

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