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LINK a-ha - Take On Me (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Classic '80s rock video that brings unexpected tears to my eyes every time.

Paul4747 8 June 28

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This is my favourite band but they are so much more than just that song with its iconic video....they are the best and most underrated band in the world, still performing to sell out audiences worldwide, but totally ignored by the music industry and journalists...especially in the USA, and to some degree the UK. They are not just this video...but will keep being regarded as so as long as it’s the only thing people think they did. They have a career spanning 1982 to the present day and have recorded hundreds of other original songs, hold two Guinness world records and to date have sold over 100 million records. They are still playing live and are embarking on another world tour in the autumn when I will be able to see them when they will include Belfast’s SSE Arena in their includes most European countries, Japan and South America. They still sing Take On Me as well as The Sun Always Shines On TV at most of their concerts because the fans expect them too, they are still great songs and Take On Me Needs no video to make it so. Here they are singing it live in Oslo in 2010 when they did a farewell concert ....thankfully they decided to get back together in 2015 after doing their own thing for a few years.


I doubt they'll ever get anywhere.


@Paul4747 Norway, of all places!

@brentan What exactly do you have against Norway? Or should I say....these three Norwegians in particular?

@Marionville I think it's down to not using emojis to make it clear it's said in fun. It seems a lovely place and that talented young singer Aurora Aksnes is from there.

@brentan Amongst other great singers...Sissel for instance.

@Marionville I'll take a look.

@brentan I’ve been posting her music regularly since I joined...a year ago.

@Marionville I had just been watching her do a cover of Unchained Melody. It was seriously good.

@brentan yes. I’ve seen that. I posted John Lennon’s Imagine by Sissel a few days ago.

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