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Oh yeah, arming teachers is SUCH a 'good' idea.


KKGator 9 Mar 14

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I can't read the article unless I allow to be stuffed with ads. I will seldom allow that. Only if I like more articles I’m willing to pay a subscription. But these guys want to force me in a decision. Not my way of doing business!

Gert Level 7 Mar 20, 2018

I believe the incident happened, but I am more and more disheartened by the rush to get news like this out before gathering all the facts. In another article I read about this, just the one kid was injured, not seriously. Here they say 3, but neglect to clarify, or elaborate on who the other 2 were. Journalism is pretty much in the sitter nowadays on many accounts, imho.


This the one about the gun trained teacher in California injuring the student in the classroom?

That's the one.


how soon before a teacher is assaulted by a student and her/his gun taken from her/him and the damn assailant starts shooting ???? Is the Florida law requiring "trigger lock systems" to prevent anyone from using her/his weapon but the teacher ?

It's ALL just so goddamned STUPID.

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