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What gets you excited about life?

Baby on the way? or grandchildren to visit? Vacations? New Job or Business? Studying for degree?Met someone new? Hobbies? Retirement? New car, toys, or home? Just moved to dream area? New Lifestyle? What gets you excited in your life?

kensmile4u 8 Mar 14

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Playing guitar, setting small goals for myself, pushing my education further, my kids.

I get excited by all of that too. What kind of guitars do you have?


My son and family. My food forest.

Yes my kids excite me too. What's a food forest? BTW - nice lap dog. What's it weigh? 150?

@kensmile4u a food forest is when you plant your yard or property with plants and trees that produce food. I have mangos bananas pineapple blueberries grapes papaya Meranga bayleaf cranberry hibiscus And many other growing. And she’s a little over 150lb probably pushing 160 to 165 now she has grown a little since that pic


Lifting, fat-burning, visibly changing my appearance. Making an emotionally healthy connection with someone; which is kinda lacking in my in person life. Personal growth. The absence of the negative of my physical deterioration. My cats.

I just got back from my gym before i sat down to respond on this post. I try to do an hour a day. I have recently shifted from a pyramid set approach to a continuous set approach. But my cardio workout is the same. I've had a lifelong interest in fitness.

@kensmile4u Lift for life.


Very little however my dogs having a litter of pups each is keeping me amused and later on in the year when I go traveling in the van I'll meet up with friends and that will cheer me up

Puppies are lovable. Safe travels.


I need to tone down my natural high on life, people think I'm on drugs when I speak with such energy and political acumen.....I look forward to my dreams in music, I love star light and moonrise, sunset and sunrise, the sound of life rousing before dawn, I eagerly read science news to increase my command of our environment and knowledge.....and I get calmly aroused when my next lover chooses me....Joyously I read my news from family and friends scattered across the globe....and with righteous indignation I fight criminal theocrats who are dumbing down our collective social intelligence ....I play sports with eager thrills and I can't wait to sing, dance and muse aloud a lyric or prose thought most appropo to my day

Your enthusiasm is impressive. You mentioned music dreams. Do you have any projects currently?

@kensmile4u I'm a orchestral percussionist US Navy Drum&Bugle Corps and saloon singer and you mis-read how I DREAM IN MUSIC mostly to drown out the TBI tinnitus our government won't admit war is DEADLY LOUD just as our government lied AGENT ORANGE ONLY KILLS PLANTS not people ? We forced the VA by an ACT of CONGRESS to recant the official deadly lies in 1982
......Gulf War Syndrome was another official lie WE CHANGED INTO AIRBORNE HAZARDS REGISTRY in the same clinics with AGENT ORANGE REGISTRY. long as the LIE: IN god WE TRUST remains on our money deadly lies continue instead of sweet healing songs of truth


There are still books I haven't read, places I haven't seen with my own eyes and hikes I haven't taken, and food/dishes I haven't tried.

You sound like an adventurer.

Very much so! I love being a tourist 🙂 I'm also an Executive Chef and, yeah. So much left to do, see, and experience!

@SkotlandSkye I have been to Dallas many times on business. I like several restaurants there. Perhaps I have enjoyed some of your food.

that is more likely if you have been to Chicago, Portland (OR), LA, San Diego, Denver, or Boulder, CO. 🙂 or even briefly in DC. Or if you have been to food festivals or trade shows.... not so much in Dallas.


In the words of the late, great Carl Sagan:

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."

How about you? What gets you excited about life?

I enjoy life so many things get me excited. I am currently making reservations to visit friends who live in Costa Rica. I'm also in production for a future music release. Very excited about both. What about you?

@kensmile4u That's great, Ken. Like you, lots of things get me excited, but I pretty much summed up what gets me the most excited in Sagan's quote.

@VictoriaNotes Carl Sagan's quote are words to live by. But can you tell me something more current?

@kensmile4u Research gets me excited. Learning gets me excited. Watching a beautiful sunset over the gulf gets me excited. Seeing dolphins playing gets me excited. Being a part of this community gets me excited.


Just getting up in the morning. Pick a project. Plan it, do it. Help get something done in your community.

That's very generous of you. Is your whole town like that?

@kensmile4u we have a lot of folks who come out to help when they are needed.

@Dwight Sounds like a nice place to live. You are lucky.


Nothing really. I have a few things that I enjoy, Karaoke, Pathfinder RPG, bubble tea, Magic the Gathering, reading. But life is pretty dull and stupid.

How often do you Karaoke?

Dull and Stupid?? For real? I don't think I've been bored a day in my life. Even the bad days weren't boring or dull.

@Kensmile4u Twice a week
@SkotlandSkye Yeah, that's what I said. Dull and stupid.

the mind boggles.....

Well, when depression hits...

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