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Gangsters repealed Glass Steagle of FDR era under the Billary regime 1998 boy Bush mega theft bailouts of Goldman Sachs et al 2007 extended by ObushaObombney "reforms" are called DoddFrank regs that mostly protect consumers and big banksters harming small local banks and businesses. ...anything RyanMcConnell put on TrumpOLINI desk is bound to cost our grandchildren 2 or 3 more trillion$ in interest payments to China. ....blame the corrupt duopoly BlueReds RedBlues Rethuglican Republocrat gangsters in charge since ReaGUN. ....he lied calling Carter a high spending liberal for a 55 billion deficit. ....35 of the last 37 years have been 400 billion deficits each year under every megathief invading the White House


jerks no action to protect the little guy.


Right up there with dumpimg mine waste in the rivers

This administration is a shit show for sure.


@blindbird Economies prosper when people are working and making useful products and our leaders don't seem to understand this process.

dc65 Level 7 Mar 15, 2018

the world is circular. Eventually this will cause another financial crisis.

dc65 Level 7 Mar 15, 2018
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