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Married men: If there are unfinished projects or things that are done half-assed around your house, take care of them now, before you go toes up and your widow has to deal with them. I have a natural gas generator that we spent thousand of dollars on that "a friend" installed for us and did a half-assed job. As a result, there are certain hoops that need to be jumped through to turn it on. Last night the power went out and all I could do was just crawl into bed and cry myself to sleep. Don't do this to your wives.

ProudMerry 7 Mar 15

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sorry "he" died leaving a power system fucked up....doing things on the cheap usually are only worth the price paid for....maybe if you can get Mike Holmes to do his tv show fixing the gas generator, you'll be famous and safe when the system automatically kicks in....the 2nd MOST TRUSTED PERSON OF CANADA behind Tommy Douglass father of single payer healthcare in MapleLeafLand

@Keyboard-Mama Mike employs many WOMEN CONTRACTORS on his shows I PRAY come "fix" anything @ my place

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