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Spirituality doesn't mean arrogance yet religious people prove it otherwise. It's like just because you feel enlightened by some illusion from within, doesn't give them right to look down on anybody.

M121 7 Mar 15

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Spiritulaity and religiosity are entirely different things. You could never convince the devoutly religious of this however.

"Spirituality" is about as ill-defined as "god". It means whatever each "spiritual" person says it means, unless you try to pin down the actual meaning they are espousing, then they move the goal posts.

Religion is simply the institutional expression of a sufficiently popular spirituality / belief system. So I don't really agree they are so "entirely" different things.

I tend to regard spirituality as individual, and there's often a lot of daylight between what an individual believes / practices and what their religion of choice believes -- particularly what it officially believes and particularly in the more liberal precincts of religion. For example technically to become a member of an Episcopalian church you have to recite the Nicene Creed and mean it. In practice they accept anyone into communion who has ever been baptized (by any of the various methods, including infant baptism) by any other Christian church, and I suspect not much is done to vet the sincerity or literacy of a ritualistic recitation of the Creed. Therefore these churches could in practice, if only unofficially, accept an atheist into membership and certainly into fellowship.

People who are "spiritual but not religious" constitute a religion of one, for practical purposes. Many of those would take umbrage to that statement as they are trying to say they have a genuine relation to the divine that is truly unique and individual and personal. I am skeptical of this claim. I think there aren't that many variations on the god hypothesis and that any random "spiritual" person could find a comfortable church home if they wished to. There's nothing new under the sun -- that is one thing the Bible is right about.

As an (agnostic) spiritual humanist who has studied many religions and philosophies you're overlooking many definitions of spirituality. There is no need for a religion, personal or otherwise, to be attached to the usage of the term.

I just checked Wiki and sadly they are very limited in their definitions as well. While I'm ordained with the Church of Spiritual Humanism I don't agree with all their "definitions" but, seeing spiritual humanism is a philosophy as is buddhism, I don't have that requirement.

For instance I've had many benefits from mediation, from spontaneous creativity to detached serenity, that at once is in no way religious but leaves any scientific analysis superfluous.

I'd suggest you ask a spiritual atheist to describe their definition as well. We have many here who so self identify.

@mordant oooh...I thought I was replying to the poster...not a poser

When are you going to learn not to "pick debates" with me? All you're really proving to doesn't speak well of you at all... is you don't know everything, as in your didactic statement above. I hate to break it to you...again...but you're clearly not getting it anyway.

@DangerDave [chuckle] I don't claim to know everything, I am sharing my views. Last I checked that is allowed. Even if they don't agree with yours. You could simply discuss your views, you might be surprised -- I could change my mind!

Your brittleness around being disagreed with is, however, duly noted.

@mordant Then comment, share your views. Just make it a separate comment.

We've been through all this before. I can't express how fed up I am with you and your dogmatic atheism.

But continue, if you must. If you catch me on a proven falsehood I might concede...but chances are I'll just be calling you out on another of your ideologies.

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