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Thinking about communities and cooperation this morning. Why is it we live in a society that is hell bent on convincing us to judge and separate ourselves from others. The drop off at my kids school is a perfect example.

You've got the PJ moms talking crap about the glamour moms and vice versa. They're all struggling,every single one and could probably help one another immensely but they're so caught up in the "us vs them" mindset that they don't see it.

You see it everywhere. Black vs white, Hispanic vs Hispanic(this one really mystifies me. I know we all come from different places but our goals are the same) men vs women,parents vs child free. Atheist vs theist

All these imaginary lines drawn and heavily defended when accepting people and working together would make things so much better for everyone.

OpposingOpposum 9 Mar 15

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You are a true leader serving humanity resisting our culture of lies. ....Atheists NEED TO REPUDIATE religious lies like priests are forgiven for raping children. ...Jesse Jackson said : " you can't have a reconciliation without first a confrontation "


There’s always an outside group from even those. What about the guy that says PJs and glam both need to put the kid on the bus? There’s always another group.

Exactly my point. So much wasted energy and opportunities.


So long as we point fingers at each other, we won't point the finger at what is causing the problems. Divided we serve, united we rule.



Separately we are easy to control. This is the reason this is pushed as a means to live in this society. If we all got together and gave what is actually happening some thought, it would all be over for then. The present political only works if we are fighting each other for a piece of the pie. The pie is an illusion, but we are presently being sold a fantasy.

Very much,this


I have heard Black vs. Black too. A lot of this is gun violence in Chicago. It's ridiculous! We are all human beings.

balou Level 8 Mar 15, 2018

Even beyond that it's just in almost everyone's best interest to cooperate. I don't get why so many people don't see that.

@Blindbird ignorance and hatred. Both can be worked on and corrected.

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