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Greenland Is Literally Cracking Apart and Flooding the World...

phxbillcee 9 Mar 15

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Why is Greenland covered in ICE, but Iceland is covered in GREEN?!?

Ungod Level 6 Mar 16, 2018

It sure is,, it's melting faster than the models show it should,,


It's an amazing time to be alive. It does feel as if in Time (the big T) we're seconds before being hurled off the cliff. And yet, parked in MI, my life personally still continues the same as it ever has...

Ancient Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times."

@phxbillcee hahaha love it. My mom was first generation American and when she was pissed she would say the following in Yiddish: go bury your head in the sand like an onion!


We're going to be poisoned off by our accumultion of rubbish and toxic plastic well before the sea levels rise and flood us out. . Climate 'change' is the least of our worries. Who would of thought that humanity could actually contaminate the oceans with plastic waste..

And so much of the plastic can't be scooped or even filtered out. It's broken down just enough into zillions (excuse the technical term) of almost microscopic pieces that contaminate square miles of ocean to an incredible depth. It's ingested as a matter of course by almost all marine animals, even by just "breathing"! And all of this is known, & totally ignored by Congress, our "statesmen". We are so fucked!


This is wonderful news. They'll be able to grow vegeatbles all year round. Sure will be a big improvment on a blubber based diet raw seal and whale meat. There's always an upside to any bad news.

The silver-lining is pretty thin in this case!

"Silver lining' Yes , that's the term I was searching for.

Well, the REAL “silver lining” is that our extinction will likely pave the way for better intelligent life!


Buy wadders or move to high ground.

Yeah, with all the 7 billion others doing the same thing!


Its the beginning of the end


Crap! They've always said that our estimates on "when, where and how much" could be conservative. And the true extent of those metrics could be very much worse because of the, ironically termed, positive feedback loop that would happen.

E.g. as stated in a test of models in that article: "...As the draining water surges away from the original lake, it can destabilize other nearby ice beds. Fresh cracks form, new lakes drain and the reaction intensifies day by day...."

It will be too late to do anything much if we hit the "tipping point" that very possibly will come. I fear for our children, & maybe even us!

@phxbillcee I agree. When we cross the tipping point, it'll be hard to stop the Earth from turning into another Venus. It'll be such a gradual process that whoever is left will only think "how much hotter it's suddenly become" and not realise that it's been happening over centuries. Or it could happen suddenly. I actually don't know.

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