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LINK Red Summer In Chicago: 100 Years After The Race Riots : Code Switch : NPR

A century has passed and like all of America, the racial divide is as palpable as it has ever been. What a sad statement about who we are as a nation.

SeaGreenEyez 9 July 28

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The Police are Still a Tool of White Supremacy in the U.S..


Yeah progress has been made and now trump and the republicans want to turn it back. It's like the white supremacist republicans want to go back to owning people again

bobwjr Level 9 July 28, 2019

Strange how many communities pulled together caring for the flu epidemic burying the dead then race riots the next year with black veterans home from ww1 dishonoured


We HAD BEEN making slow progress until #45 started inciting hate and violence! Many racists/ white supremacists came out from under their rocks they'd been hiding under!

That's right. Which means? The "progress" many of us perceived was in fact, anything but. The fact it was always boiling beneath the surface is much scarier to me, than it being out in the open. We can't fight that which we can't/don't see or know about. I've come to admit to myself: the problem wasn't getting better, it just got sneakier.

@SeaGreenEyez I disagree, blatent racism and supremacy in the open only fosters more openness and even open violence which encourages even mors. I'd rather it was kept under rocks and squashed when brought out in the open. Under Trump it's openly encouraged. Authorities cannot cope with the volume, and in the worst cases they ignore it. I'd much rather they were afraid to show their faces and let the authorities infiltrate online.

@MojoDave But it has never been hidden. Murder by cop has been a constant in America always and it's 12 to 1 blacks that die or are abused, just as it always was/has been. White Nationalists have been my neighbors ALL my life. The Aryans have been mainstream forever and are the world's largest gang, in prison and out. I don't know what America some people were living in, but all Trump has done is made it acceptable for the closeted Supremacists and racists to be open-air. Middle classers and the wealthy. There has never been a "better" in America unless your one of the whites that thought things were better because you simply weren't faced with it. America's race problems began with the first toe of the fittest settlers to touch soil and they continue today.

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