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The only reason he’s still alive is because he’s white. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

You're absolutely correct.


WalMart is not reservation need to defend a free state when the enemies are all dead or living in red skin squalor....idiot gun nuts have money for lawyers so this one will be out on bail....if cops keep this gun for evidence chances are he has a dozen more at home


What a silly attention seeking fuckwit!
Another one like to end up the most self righteous corpse in the bone yard.


This is why open carry is so stupid!!


This guy is a poster child of part of what is wrong with America. He could have been shot as being a "perceived threat!" It would have served him right if that were the case!


Yeah. He's an asshat. And I write as a gun owner.

It serves no purpose to walk around in body armor with a rifle over your shoulder, especially right now. That's not "exercising your rights", it's deliberately alarming people, and, for law-abiding owners like me, it's as counterproductive as it gets.

IF- and that's a big "if"- I ever can afford an AR type rifle, and then do buy one, it would be because I miss my old clunker that I carried at Fort Benning. It will be in a gun safe or else in a case on the way to and from the range. Never slung over my shoulder in public to show off my "rights".

Please don't judge the 99.9 percent of gun owners in America by the actions of the 0.1% who make the news.

Don't worry I don't judge the 99.9 by such an incident
I judge the utterly stupid law that allows the 99.9 to own a high power assault weapon and the 0.1% to parade their stupidity in a manner likely to endanger the the 99.9 and the far higher number who would never want to own or use or display such a piece of evil intent made manifest.

@LenHazell53 "Evil intent made manifest"
What a wonderfully florid phrase.
I suppose it would be pointless to point out that there are countless ways to inflict mass murders; any number of equally effective guns exist that are not scary looking and black; automobiles have been used in murderous attacks on crowds; nobody criticized the design of the ton of steel and aluminum. Someone who is determined to do these things will do them.

"Evil intent" is in the mind of the operator, not in a piece of machinery.

A gun is made, designed is the product of a creative process with only on intent, raison d'Γͺtre.
To Kill
You pick up a gun, you purchase a gun, you carry a gun then you are expressing the intent to kill.
I can think of few things that more express evil intent than the intent to kill.

True you can kill a multitude of other ways, but none so epitomise or express the intent to kill on a one to one personal level than the gun.

Thank you for the compliment, though I doubt it was your intent to be be complimentary, but I will take it as such.😊

As a Lifetime NRA member (unwillingly, they REFUSE to take names off their books even when requested & demanded) I don't judge anyone by this particular brand of ignorant. I do however judge EVERY SINGLE GUN OWNER that isn't pro-universal background check and to reinstate to ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, bump stocks and hollow point bullets. And I'm a concealed permit holder, so I can, with knowledge, judge the insanity of others.




Poor decision-making. Can't yell 'fire' in a theater regardless of 'free speech.'

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