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Diego Rivera reincarnate


Yes by quite a few women over the years. His excuse is that it was ok to do that as that was the culture.

The typical excuse that because it was tolerated and accepted then that made it right, it did not, it was always considered wrong but had a blind eye turned to it IF you were in a position of power and or were making other people a lot of money.
It is an example of my own personal number one despised practice, reducing People to Commodities and assigning then a monetary worth.
Regardless of the culture a decent person knows NOT to do this, as it is simply unethical and criminal.


Holy crap! I love opera and have seen him sing in person! Male patriarchy and privilege! Why do they think it’s acceptable?

They just do, that's all.

Duh ...religion = patriarchy.....male entitlement persists because too few women follow Lorena Bobbitt lead.....military sexual trauma is finally abating because victims no longer need report up the chain of command that has protected even admired rapists "straightening out lesbians"
....victims can report directly to independent investigators
.....however reports are escalating quickly by men ASSUMED TO BE GAY attacked by military rapists...

because they can urg!



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