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LINK Bernie Receives "Several Standing Ovations" For Powerful Appearance - YouTube

Any question why Bernie is most popular politician in the WORLD? Not just America.
The whole world is watching. Behave accordingly

jniece 6 Sep 3

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Liar Sanders brags F35s fly UNSAFE out of VERMONT one billion buck$ each ...Bernie is an evil zionist gangster just like Liz Warren

This is what his constituents in Vermont wanted. That is who he represents always. Exactly what politicians are supposed to do. Represent the people.


The ONLY candidate that gets We The People rising together!


While I like what he states, here is a link that talks and shows what his wife and his actually talking show about what 'his' work/talk want for self versus you: []

Ohferpetessake...go to YouTube & see him being consistent for 3 Decades now, and putting forth ideas that have now been stolen by most other candidates.

unless u got video of him intentionally harming someone, all I need to determine if he walks the walk is his voting record.


The rest of them pretend to be progressive, claim to present progressive policies, but Bernie is the ONLY one who has the history, the consistency, the record, and the authenticity to make this claim. He's a role model of what the Left should do and hasn't done (in any country) for decades: stake your policies and principles, stand by them, even when the mainstream laughs, keep standing until they stop laughing, and believe in what you stand for, and change the debate and the prevailing orthodoxy.


Compare his voting record is what matters

yes. what he said!
wish I had read this before I responded above. lol

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