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How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

(This would be a standard pin and a standard angel.)

GlyndonD 7 Mar 20

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Was never a serious debated issue, it was a joke about how hair-splitting monks tend to be.

In any case assuming a pin is about 2mm and the plank length (smallest size anything can be in our universe) 1.616229e-35 gives us 1.237e33 which is a lot of angels.

That would be the maximum number, I concede.


200 standard angels. 241 compact angels. 308 subcompact angels. If you resort to luxury angels, the number drops to just 84.

There is a company working on miniaturized angels, but it is difficult technology and it may be a couple a millennia or more.

@atheist -- The lab hasn't gotten around to measuring them. Something about being politically correct and profiling -- or something like that.

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