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Identified as Atheist or Agnostic, 2012.

Netherlands: 49%
Sweden: 43%
France: 37%
UK: 32%
Germany: 27%
Spain: 26%
Denmark: 25%
Belgium: 23%
Hungary: 22%
Finland: 16%
Austria: 11%
Portugal: 7%
Italy: 6%
Poland: 5%
Greece: 3%

(Source: Eurobarometer)

balou 8 Mar 21

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United States is at 3.1% atheist, 4.0% agnostic, 22.8% religiously unaffiliated.


I would think there should be more recent facts than six years ago ?.. Finland is probably 50% and Australia around 25%.. Don't be surprised when the USA hits 30% in the next few years... Naturally the christian monopoly media will down it play or not discuss it... The younger generation are not believers.... bravo for free choice.

Ive never been there so obviously i don't know but the impression i get is that the US is almost a christian fundamentalist state in the way that Saudi or Iran is Isiamic


I have two comments/questions. 1.Where is the US? 2. I bet those numbers will be higher in 2018.

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