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Any other Patriots fans out there or are you all haters or don't care?

NHjulie 8 Oct 6

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Not a football fan. I love baseball πŸ™‚

Me too and if it was last year I would have been raving about the unstoppable Red Sox but not so much this year. The joys of sports.

@NHjulie Yankees!!!


I’m a Bronx boy, born & raised. Loved Bellicose for his genius as defensive coach for our first two Super Bowl wins, making it easy to forgive him for the a*#hole he was. I was free to despise him after he left. It was sweet when the G-Men defeated him in the SB in 2007/08 and ruined his undefeated season, equally sweet to beat him in the 2011/12SB. Brady is brilliant, as is Bellicose. My niece and nephew live in Boston, so I transform my dislike for the Pats into friendly banter over their cheating ways. Howzat!?!?!

As good as it gets for someone from New York.

@NHjulie Don’t I even get a like or other emoji of your choice for my effort? πŸ€”

@Bobbyzen Sorry, I often forget to do the emoji if I reply.

@NHjulie Thanks. Good luck to your Patsies this year. My Jints are toast. However, my adopted team, the Chiefs (I moved to KC 30 years ago) are a team to beat this year, no?

@Bobbyzen if we can improve our offensive line and another receiver to step it up some more you'll get a run for your money.

@NHjulie I’m sure Belichick can find another felon or two to help 🀣


Don’t care!

Ni problem.


Hater. Not partial to Bill Belicheat or Tom Deflatey.

You're missing out.

@NHjulie I doubt it. Lol


I keep up on a little college ball. Not a big NFL fan. I prefer Baseball and soccer. Coached both, years ago. Anyway- the Pats, don't much bother, I have a number of teams I would root for first. Anyone remember the Candian football expansion? They had a team in Baltimore in old Memorial stadium. Cheap entertainment and a much faster paced game.


You mean the Cheatriots?

Yes, that is the typical comment and there have been some mistakes but how do you explain the 99% of the time when there wasn't a controversy. And deflategate was a sham.


I am a Cowboy's fan, but I am a Belichick and Brady fan also, and I believe Belichick is the greatest football coach ever. I have rooted for the Patriots in Super Bowls. I guess I am a semi-fan.

They are phenomenal in my opinion. But I do believe that it is a perfect example of synergy. Neither would be as good without the other.

@NHjulie I think they are the perfect combo, but Belichick would be a great coach regardless. He is the best I have ever seen at putting his players and team in the best position to win. Everytime he would lose a great coordinator in the early years the Patriots demise would be predicted and of course they were wrong. Now no one talks about that stuff because they know it is all about Belichick. Remember when Cassel replaced an injured Brady and the Pats won 11 games. Bill is the best .

@Sticks48 True but he didn't do as well with Grogan. I loved him from the time he basically told Parcells to go f$#% himself in NY. Never was a fan of that man.

@NHjulie Bill wasn't the coach when Grogan played.

@Sticks48 Sorry went back too far. Meant Bledsoe

@NHjulie I Googled it and they actually did pretty good under Bledsoe. Bill was hired in 2000 and Drew was injured in 2001, and then Brady took over. So he really didn't have him long enough to really judge. Bledsoe also came into the 2001 AFC Championship game after Brady was injured and led them to victory.

@Sticks48 Yup and they've never looked back.

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