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Or their feelings have been hurt so deep, there is no going back which again would relate to both mind and heart.

What other reasons would make people change. I put this post here in the relationships catagory because we could go on forever on this topic. People change for a number of reasons.. let's here some.

mistymoon77 9 Mar 22

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OK, this is an honest one, I know people whose minds have broken, through injury/illness and/or medication. Sad, scary, I did learn so much about the human mind though.


Like this.


It could also be occluded carotid arteries! I have known 2 people this happened to, after corrective surgery they reverted to their old selves ALWAYS rule out the physical before assuming the psychological!
Also.......have they changed to Everyone, or just you?


Changing your mind requires a certain amout of bravery.
One of the things I hate about the current political atmosphere is the term "flip-flopping."
Can't a person just change their mind?


Maturity changes people so those experiences


I feel like that is a religious slogan. I change my mind when I have evidence that shows me I'm wrong. I change my mind when someone can show me how my logic is in error (most common reason for me to change my mind.) And finally, I change my mind when I ask myself why do I believe this is true? If the reasons are valid, I'll stick with it if the reasons are not I'll go from "I know" to "I don't know."


Mushrooms is a popular one

Ive been reading about them, and actually they have found them to have a positive effect for some medical conditions.

@Buddha I didn't say they changed people in a negative way 😉

still haven't, but it looks so ineresting...

Have you ?

@Buddha in my youth but I was one of the unlucky ones I never really had a good trip not sure how f it was the amount I had taken or the people I was with or my surroundings.


I know that I've changed my mind about things, but I'm not sure if I'd go as far as saying that it was the opening of my mind. I believe I have a pretty open mind. Maybe I'm not really changing my mind per se, perhaps I am receiving more intel on a situation and adjusting my understanding of it.

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