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But certainly the monotheists had it right. ?

ErebusVincent 6 Mar 24

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I belong to some pagan groups on facebook because I'm curious, and I've said that I have an interest in ancient polytheistic mythology. I tend to find their values closer to mine, even though we have clear differences in how we fundamentally view the universe.
I read an opinion piece by a polytheist who felt atheists were more derogatory to polytheists than monotheists were. Now, I damn well roll my eyes at all of it, but if someone doesn't tell me what rights I have based on some ancient book written by a woman-hating dude, my side eye is restrained.

The Wiccan Reed (probably Druid) is another example of how religion is recycled. Pagan religion predates Christianity as there is evidence it existed 30,000 ago, but the Reed is very similar to the golden rule. Oh no Religoplagiarism. Of all the religions, Wiccan/Pagan seems the most rational in the coexistence respect. To bad Constantine had to go with Dominion stuff.


Interesting. It's like a cable TV package with a bunch of differnet channels. Theocracy is for entertainment porpoises only.

jeffy Level 7 Mar 24, 2018

It's facinating how many of those words are still in use today and in tune with their original deistic designation, like veritas, flora, pax, etc...

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