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New here, thought this fit me pretty well. I'm tired of starting to like a guy then finding out he's Mormon so this is more my speed 😄

Usedw0tm8 4 Mar 26

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I know the feeling. It feels like the skeptical dating pool here is practically non-existent. Whenever I find a non-Mormon girl I'm interested in she turns out to be like a flat earther or a 9/11 truther.


Hi "New Here"!

It is a pleasure meeting you. You are absolutely gorgeous...and in a good place!

Besides nonbelievers you are in the midst of many other creatives here as well. See my profile for details but, if you're ever in Las Vegas I'd love to meet you, do a theatrical photoshoot with you and...though it's probably far too large a project to take on with all you're doing my act lead!

However any of that might transpire I'm glad you're here! I'm looking forward to learning more about you so post and comment often!

Also, here's our little creative's gathering place on this site:



Lol. I hear ya. It's damn near impossible around here to find anyone similar.

Willy, we are all in some ways similar. Only separated by miles. Many members are willing to travel to have fun or even relocate for love. Also, it's relatively a brand new site. Until it's been around for a while and has more members, it will be less likely that people live within an hour or so of each other. Patience, grasshopper.

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