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Half Jewish...?

Jnei 8 Mar 26

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Excuse me, folks, but I have to use this thread to contact Admin.

@Admin -- I'm having difficulties with making posts. No. Not difficulty. It appears ... no, that's wrong too --- I am unable to write posts. I put in the text. I "Post" the message. I get a blank page. I go hunting and find no posts. Help. Please.

Glad my post was of service! I've noticed a few funny goings-on today - various people couldn't upload photos earlier and the "like" button stopped working properly again, so I assume @Admin is adjusting the driveshafts and cogs that run the site or something, and normal service will shortly be resumed.

We're upgrading posting in groups now... will check if works elsewhere.

@Admin I spotted that as I tried to post a few minutes ago!


Not so deadly hallows?


In a threesome.

Pyramid freak.

Frustrated trigonometry student.

Someone with angles.

Geometry buff into rudimentary polyhedrons.


Or 100% Egyptian? Although Pink Floyd may be involved as well.

jeffy Level 7 Mar 26, 2018

I'd willingly follow Pink Floyd which is more than I can say for any religion.


Half theh star. What would half catholic be?

A crucifix with a hemicorporectomy?

Maybe Anglican.




Very good lol

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