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LINK Below is our unedited email exchange. I believe patient readers will learn the following from it: (1) I can still get angry; (2) Klein gave me very good reason to be angry.

A long read, but I thought some of you would like to read it.

"You’ve proven to be someone who is better spoken about than spoken to. However, if you want to encourage me to stop speaking about you, here is what I recommend: Tell people that after a long email exchange, it became obvious to both of us that a podcast would be pointless… and then stop publishing libelous articles about me." -Sam Harris

zblaze 7 Mar 28

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I read that earlier tonight. I follow Harris on my FB. I'm not sure who to side in this argument.

And I did listen to the actual podcast on IQ that started this argument - when he first published it last year. I remember flinching at some of the claims. But I also remember, because I discussed it with a friend at the time, that Harris either ( 1 ) did not fully buy into the claim or ( 2 ) agree with the claim but expressed that environmental factors also have a marked affect on IQ.

I didn't get to read Vox's actual take down of his podcast - however.

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