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Today I set in and sewed the notched collar and lapels. Nerve-wracking.

What a production! It takes an eye for detail. I'm beat.

The jacket needs to hang overnight to develop its drape before understitching, tacking and hemming.

It has a single button at the waist. You only get one chance to do a buttonhole right.

It will look better tomorrow morning.

What do you think so far?

LiterateHiker 9 Mar 30

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The funny thing is this is my first denim jacket. "It doesn't look like denim," my friend Billie said. Good.

I associate blue denim jackets with cowboys and farmers. I have zero Western wear. No giant belt buckles or cowboy hats.

While working as a professor at Central Washington University, I lived in Ellensburg surrounded by wheat ranches. During Ellensburg Rodeo week, the sheriff deputizes Chamber of Commerce members. They fine people $5 if they are not wearing any Western wear on Main Street.

Waiting for an x-ray, I struck up a conversation with an older woman who was sitting beside me.

"In the 1940s, we only had five dollars for new school shoes for our son," she said. "Our farm was struggling. On Main Street, Chamber of Commerce members (three men) forced us to give them our last five dollars. My husband and I felt publically humiliated. Our son did not get new shoes that year."

"We were so mad, we vowed never to shop in Ellensburg again. Instead we drive 35 miles to Yakima, even for grocery shopping."


Ageed. It's bullying in the name of fun.

Yes that is bullying ,especially in that time when money was so scarce for families struggling,,Chamber had no respect for the citizens it was suppose to work for

smh Of course one would hope the 1940s attitudes have changed, but I'm from the general area and can attest ... those attitudes still reside in some places in the West today. πŸ˜” (Except $5.00 shoes, of course.) πŸ˜›

If anyone wants a taste of the Old Wild West attitudes still alive and thriving in the PNW, Netflix's Wild Wild West is an easy watch with some crazy storylines and a whole lot of the Old West bigotries. Never fearful of saying the quiet parts out loud.


My mother used to sew, and she made some clothes for us. Nothing she made ever looked that good.


Thank you.


This is gorgeous! I’m working on crocheting a top now.


Cute, cute, cute!

(A silver/gray mock turtleneck, cami, even a silky tank would be so cute. Whatever weather dictates.) 😁


This is a sensible use of quarantine time
I started a tailoring class as a part of my retirement wannado list
thank you for sharing your work with us.


You've done a great job!


Very smart looking jacket!


Looks beautiful... 😊


Thank you, dear!


you have amazing knowledge on high end quality sewing and the skills to put it together

beautiful life long hobby,,I think your now at the professional hobby level with the quality of work you do,one can certainly see it is a labour of love


Over the years, I learned through experience.

Began sewing at age 12. The mother of my best friend taught Jami and me to sew to keep us out of trouble. We took to it like ducks to water. Jami became a textile artist.

I sewed all of my daughter's clothes from her age four to 14 when she wanted store-bought clothes. Also Halloween costumes for Claire with matching costumes for her doll.

At 6-1/2, Claire was a gypsy for Halloween. She was sick of taking pictures. One of my favorite photos.

"I love falling asleep to the sound of your sewing machine, Mama," Claire said.

At 15, I made this prom dress. Darryl, 18, asked me to marry him after the prom. I was shocked.

"No, I'm going to college," I replied. Broke up with him the next day.


Beautiful. Like so much of what you tackle, it’s turned out great!


Cool consider sewing masks for healthcare professionals

bobwjr Level 10 Mar 30, 2020
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